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Te Rongo.com is the home of award winning New Zealand artist Te Rongo Kirkwood who works with fused glass, textiles and other media creating sculptural artworks and personal adornment that are a contemporary expression of a maori pacific rim world view.

About the artist

Te Rongo Kirkwood is a mixed-media artist who specialises in kiln formed, coldworked glass.  Te Rongo's work explores stories and concepts that are influenced by her Maori, English and Scottish heritage navigating celestial and metaphysical themes.  Her sculptural pieces are a testament to her love of fine detail, technical mastery and experimentation.

With a connection to the natural elements, glass itself formed from sand, Te Rongo draws inspiration from the natural world.  While each piece has a story and underlying meaning, it is also celebrated for the pure innate seductive beauty of glass.


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