Female Maori glass artist - Auckland, New Zealand



Te Rongo is of Maori  (Wai o Hua, Ngai Tai ki Tamaki, Te Kauwerau a Maki, Ngapuhi, Taranaki) English and Scottish ancestry. 

Represented by Milford Galleries Dunedin New Zealand


I work with fused glass, textiles and other media to create objects that blur the lines between sculpture, craft, and personal adornment. These often bring glass components, bearing their own language of symbol and pattern, into conversation with the whakapapa (existential links between all things) of plant fibres and processes used by Maori weavers.

I look for patterns and underlying universal truths across mythologies, histories, art and science, drawing from Māori and Pākehā (European) knowledge systems to inform both my conceptual and visual frameworks. These multiple lines of knowledge assist my exploration of celestial themes and the links between ancient mystical symbolism and current day.