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Te Rongo is of Māori  (Wai o Hua, Ngai Tai ki Tamaki, Te Kauwerau a Maki, Ngapuhi, Taranaki) English and Scottish ancestry. 

Te Rongo is a mixed media artist who specialises in kiln formed, cold worked glass. Her work draws on her Scottish, English and Maori heritage while exploring ideas grounded in history, science and mythology.

She incorporates a Maori worldview in her work that anchors tupuna (ancestors), whakapapa (existential links between all things)  wairua (life force) and the relationship between the past, present and future.

Her work is known for its precise and exacting nature, combining inspiration drawn from customary Māori art practices with contemporary materials and glass techniques.

She strives to create art experiences and enduring works of special meaning that connect people and places through a unique combination of contemporary interpretations of New Zealand artistic and cultural heritage.

Te Rongo has exhibited in galleries and exhibitions around the world including Vancouver, San Francisco, and Canberra as well as in multiple exhibitions in her home country of New Zealand.

Represented by Milford Galleries Dunedin New Zealand.

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